The Mighty Rooster

The Best in Progressive Folk Rock

With a unique folk influenced rock sound that is all their own, The Mighty Rooster has been a favourite live act around the West Country, and festivals further afield, for over 20 years.  The five members bring a wealth of experience drawn from a wide range different bands and styles, a high standard of musicianship and powerful vocals. Their original music, mixed with a few ‘lost classics’, is individual and accessible, always getting the audience attention, the crowds singing and toes tapping.

The band has produced three CDs of original music: ‘Gargoyles’, ‘The Red Room’ and ‘Can’t Believe Your Ears’, with an accompanying DVD ‘Can’t Believe Your Eyes.’

Steve Heath

Vocals, Mandolin & Acoustic Guitar

Simon Clarke

Bass Guitar

Mike Varty

Keys & Violin

Pete Baker

Electric Guitar

Dean Creighton



Upcoming Gigs

The Mighty Rooster back on stage in 2024!

Saturday 20 January 2024


Main stage at 7pm



A taster of the Mighty Rooster, recorded live at the Box Rocks Festival 2019 and at Visual Arts Radio Station, Frome 2020.




The Mighty Rooster’s debut album, full of energetic folk rock originals, released in 1999

The Red Room

The band’s 2nd and most popular studio album of top class original folk-rock, released in 2002 

Can't Believe Your Ears

The Mighty Rooster Live in Bradford On Avon, 2003, with 8 previously unreleased songs

Can't Believe Your Eyes

The DVD of The Mighty Rooster Live in Bradford On Avon, 2003, with 8 previously unreleased songs, plus documentary


“There are also sections where the mid-eighties Fairport can be detected. Mike switches between violin and keyboards as well as providing backing vocals, while Steve Heath has a wonderful voice and a great stage presence while also adding acoustic guitar and mandolin. Add to that Pete Baker (electric guitar), Simon Clarke (bass) and Dean Creighton (drums) and this is a band that is really worth seeing.”

Feedback Magazine

“As a folkie, I liked the fact that the words came over clearly, but then that’s hardly surprising considering Steve Heath’s big voice. Pete Baker supplies tasteful guitar work, Mike Varty doubles on keyboards and particularly shines with his fiddle work, and the rhythm section of Simon Clarke (bass) and Dean Creighton (drums) underpin some very well worked out arrangements. This is a class band that we’re going to hear and see more of.”

Bob Taverner, The Folk Mag

“The stars of the day were surely The Mighty Rooster. Great musicianship, a vocal masterclass and some of the best original songs I have heard in a long time, melodic and memorable rockier numbers sitting perfectly with poignant folky ballads for the heartbroken.  If you get the chance to see this band, do it!”

The Gargoyle’s Mouth

“A very commercial bent to the folk roots sound, something that surely would gain them a wider audience if only they could get heard by more people.”

Feedback Magazine

“The music does remain varied, with rockers like “Sail Away” rubbing shoulders with folkies like “The Two Fingered Jig”. A very impressive release – we should be hearing more about this band!”

Classic Rock Magazine, Review of Red Room

“All they now need is better coverage to bring them to the attention of the rock-folk and rock listening public. Then this band can really crow!”

Jenny Ivor, Rambles.net

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